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    The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders promotes excellence in clinical treatment, research, community service, and educational programs benefiting those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and related developmental disabilities.

    A unique regional resource, the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders brings together many capabilities:

    • Multi-disciplinary diagnostic and clinical services for children and adults with ASD and related disorders 
    • An Education Institute providing graduate-level coursework and training opportunities for clinicians in medical, mental health, special education, and other fields, and School Consultation Services for Long Island school districts and agencies      
    • Community services including a Resource Center, service coordination, respite and recreation programs, support groups, social skills and parent training programs, and family workshops.
    • Clinical, basic, and translational research into the causes and treatment of autism.

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    Our Team

    John C. Pomeroy, MD, Division Chief
    Jennifer Keluskar, PhD

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    Psychiatric and Psychological Services

    The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic and clinical services for children and adults with Autism spectrum disorders as well as other developmental and learning disabilities:

    • Specialized multi-disciplinary diagnostic evaluations for children and adults suspected of having Autism or other developmental and learning disabilities.  The diagnostic evaluation includes a full developmental history, psychiatric consultation, individualized testing (often including an ADOS- Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale) by a psychologist, and a full report with findings and recommendations
    • Neuropsychological testing including cognitive testing, educational measures, and services such as administration of the Vineland scale.  This testing may assist in developing educational programs and in accessing government benefits including OMRDD, SSI/SSDI, and VESID services.
    • Psychiatric services, including on-going treatment for children and adults with dual-diagnosis (developmental disability and psychiatric illness) and psychopharmacology

    The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders is staffed by psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers.  As a Center within the Stony Brook Neurosciences Institute, specialized consultation is available in all medical disciplines including genetics, developmental pediatrics, neurology, allergy, gastroenterology, sleep medicine, and speech-language services.  The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders families may also take advantage of the Resource Center, staffed by social workers, and providing information and referral services, support groups and family workshops.

    For an intake appointment, phone The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders at (631) 632-3070, option 3.

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    Sexuality Education and Reproductive Health Services

    The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders offers sexuality education and reproductive health care for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities:

    • Sexuality education groups
    • Reproductive health services for males and females, including family planning and screening for sexually transmitted diseases
    • Community lectures for parents and professionals

    Sexuality education services are provided free-of-charge.  Medical services including physical examinations and laboratory tests are provided for a fee.  The program accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and many insurance programs.

    For more information, please call (631) 632-4167.

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    Insurance Coverage

    Psychiatrists at The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders participate in Medicaid, Medicare, and many private insurance plans and HMO’s.  Medical services by an M.D. or D.O. may include intake consultations, mental status exams, medication management, and ongoing psychiatric treatment.  If the physician does not participate in your insurance, you may still pay for the service and be reimbursed on an out-of-network basis. 

    Psychologists do not participate in any insurance plans.  All psychological services (psychological testing, evaluation services and reports) must be paid for at the time of service, and may be reimbursed to you on an out-of-network basis.

    When booking your appointment at Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, we request that you fax a copy of your insurance card to the clinic (631)-632-3785 so that we can confirm your coverage, determine co-payments and out-of-network coverage, if applicable, and assist you with getting prior authorization for the services if your insurer requires this.

    The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders can accept cash, personal checks and credit and debit cards.  The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders will also accept school district payments for evaluations and neuropsychological testing for students under age 21 still in the school system.  School district payments must be authorized by the student’s Committee on Special Education (CSE).

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    Behavioral and Educational Programs

    The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders provides many services that are non-clinical in nature.  These services are usually not billable to medical insurance and must be paid for at the time of service.  In some cases, school districts will pay for these services when authorized by the student’s Committee on Special Education (CSE). 

    School observations involve assessment of the patient’s behavioral and cognitive functioning in the classroom, and may be done as part of an Autism evaluation or other developmental assessment. 

    Social skills training is delivered in group settings for children ages six to sixteen and follows a structured format addressing specific goals, such as starting a conversation, taking turns and coping with conflict.  Social skills training is provided as part of the Center’s Behavioral Services Program by graduate students in The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders’s applied behavior analysis program under supervision.   

    Parent training is also done through the Center’s Behavioral Services Program and is provided to help families address specific areas of behavioral problems impacting family and school functioning, such as sleep and eating disorders, aggression and tantrums. 

    School Consultation Services are provided by psychologists and special education teachers to school districts and agencies.  School district services are mandated in a child’s Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and have the goal of working with classroom teachers and other personnel to develop behavioral and educational goals that permit the student to remain in the least restrictive educational setting.  Consultation services must be authorized by the student’s Committee on Special Education (CSE). 

    School consultants are also available to provide staff training programs and consultation on developing school programs such as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) classrooms and transition services.  For additional information on The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders’s School Consultation Program and on training services, please phone (631) 632-3127.

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    Resource Center and Family Support Services

    The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders Resource Center exists to provide information and support to families of children with autism and related disorders, as well as professionals and other community members with an interest in these disorders.  The goal of the center is to work collaboratively with existing community agencies and groups to share information and provide mutual support.  Resource Center staff continually gathers and disperse information on autism through participation in conferences, resource fairs, community groups, task forces and committees interested in aspects of autism. 

    Information and Referral. We are available to answer requests for information on autism and related issues, and to provide specific referrals to community resources as needed.  Please phone (631)-632-3127 for additional information. 

    Library. A Lending Library of books on autism and related topics is available to family members and others with an interest in autism. 

    Support Groups. Support groups are available for families of children who have recently received a diagnosis of autism or a related disorder.  The purpose of these groups is to provide families with a fuller understanding of autism spectrum disorders, to acquaint them with the community services and supports that are available in the community, and to give them the opportunity to meet and interact with other families in similar circumstances.  For information, please phone (631)-632-3127.  Sibling support groups are offered several times per year and allow children ages 8 to 14 a chance to socialize and to share the experience of having a sibling with special needs while engaging in fun activitie

    Grandparents Support. An ongoing support group for grandparents of children with autism is also offered through the Resource Center.  Monthly meetings often include speakers on various aspects of autism, a well as giving grandparents an opportunity to discuss their own concerns, and to give and receive support.

    Workshops. The Resource Center coordinates an ongoing series of evening workshops. There are approximately 15 workshops each year, presented by experts in a variety of educational, therapeutic and medical aspects of autism and related disorders.  The workshops are geared toward parents and professionals, and offer practical, relevant information and advice on coping with the many challenges of raising and teaching a child with autism.  

    Cost. The services offered by the Resource Center are generally at no cost to families.  There is a donation request of $10 for the evening workshops to cover the costs of printing and mailing.   For more information on Resource Center services, please contact Ellen Woodward at (631) 632-3127.  

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    Respite and Recreation Services

    Summer and school holiday vacation recreation groups for children ages 5-9 with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder are offered at limited charge to OMRDD-eligible children.  Morning and afternoon sessions of three hours each are offered, and provide children an opportunity to play and engage in a variety of activities under the supervision of staff and graduate students trained in behavioral methods.  Fees are approximately $75 per day for a one-week session.  For information, please phone (631)-632-3127.  There are also a very limited number of at-home respite providers available to families.  Both programs are supported by OMRDD.

    For young adults who are working or going to college in the area, there is a Young Adult social group that meets one to two times per month for movies, dinner, comedy shows, and other activities.  Participants must be at least age 18 and have graduated from high school.  The group offers social skills coaching, but not safety supervision.  For additional information, please phone 516-319-4289.

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    College Preparation and Support Services

    The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders provides two programs that address the needs of students with autism spectrum and related disabilities that have the ability and the desire to attend college. The programs are provided by The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders staff members on the campuses of Suffolk County Community College, in collaboration with college staff members.

    The Summer Pre-College Program provides a 3-week opportunity to experience campus life and classes on either the Grant Campus or the Ammerman Campus of SCCC. The College Support Program provides additional social skills and organizational supports to students once they have been admitted to the college and are attending classes.  There is no fee for this program but admission is competitive, and the program fills early.  

    The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders College Support Program at the Grant Campus (Brentwood) provides additional on-campus academic and social supports to students with autism spectrum and related disorders. A college coach is available three days per week on campus, along with tutoring, mentoring, and social skills training geared toward college success. After the first term, the program also assists students in exploring careers, obtaining internships, and working with VESID to obtain vocational services such as job coaching and job placement. There is a fee of $2,500 per semester for the College Support Program, separate from tuition.

    Applications are taken in the summer for the fall semester, and until January 15 for the spring semester.  It is wise to apply as soon as possible so that your classes may be scheduled to accommodate college program meetings and social skills sessions.

    For an application, please download here. Additional information on the College Support Program may be obtained by phoning (631) 632-3139. 

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