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    Stony Brook's newly constructed state-of-the-art Pediatric Emergency Department, opened in November 2009, provides 24/7 expert care for children and young adults in a patient- and family-centered environment. Our new facility offers expanded capacity and capabilities to meet the growing needs of Suffolk County. And, as Suffolk County's Regional Trauma Center, we are equipped to treat the most severely ill and injured children.


    The capabilities include:

    • Physicians board certified in pediatric emergency medicine, led by the nationally recognized physician, Dr. Sergey Kunkov
    • Experienced staff, including nurses, physician assistants and technologists with specialty pediatrics training
    • State-of-the-art diagnostics and technology such as the new 320-slice CT scanner, which delivers low-dose radiation at extremely high speeds (thus eliminating the need for sedation or repeat scans for most children)
    • Negative pressure isolation rooms in which to evaluate children with potential airborne infectious diseases
    • An “ouch-less” environment in which a child’s pain and discomfort are immediately assessed and alleviated upon arrival


    A Child-Centered Model of Care

    Our commitment to delivering care that meets the unique needs of children begins at the front door. A separate entrance and waiting area — apart from the adult emergency area — protects children from potentially frightening adult emergencies. We even offer free valet parking so parents can remain with their sick or injured child.


    The new Pediatric Emergency Department was designed with attention to the small things that can make a difference to children and their families.

    • Nine private treatment rooms that protect patient privacy and accommodate the child and two family members
    • Age-appropriate care that factors in the child's physical, social and emotional development
    • The use of various techniques to eliminate pain, including giving oral fluids instead of an IV when safe and appropriate; using special numbing cream on the child’s skin to greatly reduce pain from a needle; “bundling” all the painful tests, such as blood drawing and IV insertion, into one “stick,” and using special painkilling and sedative medications during more serious procedures, such as setting a broken bone — done under the direct supervision of a board-certified Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician
    • Child-sized equipment, gowns, IVs, airway management tools and other medical necessities
    • Child-friendly décor, child-sized furniture and a waiting room stocked with toys, colorful artwork and an aquarium


    Keeping the Children of Suffolk County Safe—and Out of the Emergency Department

    The Pediatric Emergency Department makes safety and accident prevention a priority. The Pediatric Emergency Department stays involved with a number of initiatives, including being the lead hospital for Safe Kids Suffolk County, which focuses on helmet safety, car and driving safety, fall prevention, and water safety.


    Contact Us

    For more information about the Pediatric Emergency Department, call (631) 638-3500.