The Importance of Doctor Visits

Keeping up with doctor visits is as important as ever. Regular checkups will allow your doctor to make sure your child is reaching age-appropriate milestones and is on track with all recommended vaccines, including this year’s flu vaccine. And, of course, If your child falls ill or gets injured, a visit to the doctor or the emergency department should not be delayed. 

While we care for those impacted by COVID-19, we are also here to support ALL of your healthcare needs, both in person and online/by telehealth. In addition, our Pediatric Emergency Department is fully open to serve you.

About the Flu Vaccine

Everyone age six months and older should get a flu vaccine every year. This is particularly important this season, since it is not known if getting COVID-19 along with the flu will result in a more severe illness. Learn 10 Truths About the Flu from our pediatric infectious disease expert, Dr. Sharon Nachman.

Doctor's Office Appointments

Stony Brook Children’s Advanced Pediatric Care physician offices are open and can take care of all your child’s needs – whether routine, urgent or complex.

Many precautions are being taken at our doctors’ offices to keep you safe and to limit coronavirus spread so you can safely receive the care you need. To reduce the amount of people in our office and waiting areas, our patients can remain in their vehicles and complete their normal check-in process using their cell phone. We are also taking these additional safety measures:

  • Waiting rooms have been rearranged to allow for optimal social distancing
  • Masks are required for all employees and patients while within our facilities
  • Hand sanitizer is accessible to all entering our examination spaces
  • Cleaning frequency has been increased
  • We have separate care facilities for suspected and known COVID-19 patients

Pediatric Emergency Department

If you have an urgent and severe medical need, our dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department is open 24/7, completely staffed by pediatric ED-trained physicians and staff, and our Children's Hospital is open to all patients. 

Many safeguards are also being taken at the hospital to reduce exposure to the coronavirus:

  • All staff are wearing face masks
  • Restricted visitation policies have significantly reduced the number of people in the hospital
  • Patients suspected of having coronavirus are separated from other patients
  • Normal procedures and workflows have been adapted to reduce the number of personnel or excessive passage through hospital areas with infected patients

Virtual Telehealth Appointments

Stony Brook Children’s Hospital offers Telehealth visits, which allows patients to receive high-quality care from the safety and privacy of their home. telehealth visitTo see if your needs can be met virtually, please call your physician’s office. For more information or if you require support to connect for an upcoming appointment, please visit

For more information about your individual needs, please call (631) 444-KIDS (5437) or feel free to reach out directly to your doctor’s office.