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Sharon Nachman, MD:

Sharon Nachman, MD, Director, Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Director of the Office of Clinical Trials at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital is an international leader in the area of pediatric infectious disease. Here are some links to recent interviews:

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Christy Beneri, DO:

Christy Beneri, DO, infectious disease doctor at Stony Brook Children's Hospital, explains Multisystem Inflammatory Illness (MIS-C) and what parents should look for as we discover this new and rare illness in children that appears to be connected to COVID-19. 

Gabrielle Carlson, MD

Gabrielle Carlson, MD, child psychiatrist at Stony Brook Children's Hospital 

News 12: Stress from COVID-19 and children: Dr. Gabrielle Carlson discusses how to make sure our children, and every member of the school community, has a sense of safety as they return to the classroom.

Jill Cioffi, MD:

Jill Cioffi, MD, pediatric primary care doctor at Stony Brook Children's Hospital, talks about the importance of vaccines and well visits, and how critical they are to a child’s healthy development. She explains the many precautions being taken to keep your child protected during an office visit.