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Bubble Optic Buddy (BOB) Device

The Gift of BOB 

Bubble Optic Buddy, BOB, a therapeutic light device, brings a positive experience to pediatric patients.

When children have chronic illnesses, they may feel like they don’t have power over their lives. Given the challenges of their treatments, something that provides distraction, reduces stress and puts them in control is welcome.

Last spring, the pediatric patients at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital were able to welcome BOB — Bubble Optic Buddy. Though the official name of the device is Multisensory Bubble Column, Stony Brook Children’s pediatric patients were asked to come up with names that were more fun and friendly, and 11-year-old Delaney’s suggestion was chosen.

BOB, an engaging, interactive therapeutic device, which the children operate, makes sounds, changes colors, creates endless bubbles and emits light, all while providing multi-sensory relaxation therapy to help reduce stress and stimulate the young patient's primary sensory systems. Patients with less stress have been shown to have lower levels of depression, less anxiety and fewer symptoms. BOB is one of the many tools used by our Child Life Specialists to make a hospital stay more comforting for children.

BOB was funded by attendees of the 2017 Stars of Stony Brook Gala. The Gala is hosted every year in April by the Stony Brook Foundation and since 2000 has raised more than $42 million for student scholarships and programs of excellence across campus. 


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