Pediatric Oncology Patients Get Their Holiday Wishes Granted

"The holidays are my favorite time of the year simply for this reason. It's a time for giving. If I can bring even the slightest joy to these children, it makes it all worthwhile," said  Moby Kazmi, CEO and Managing Partner of CareMed Pharmaceutical Services, located in Lake Success, NY.

Nearly 50 pediatric oncology patients at Stony Brook University Cancer Center had the opportunity to really think about what they wanted for Christmas and that’s exactly what they got. 

Kazmi asked for wish lists from each of the patients and he made sure to fulfill each of their wishes. Among some of the wishes were sneakers, an easel and art supplies, dolls, Legos, toy cars, and more, all of which were delivered.

Along with a few of his family members, Kazmi handed out presents to all the kids, bringing them an early holiday treat before Christmas day. And not only did the patients receive gifts, their siblings and family members did as well, making this a holiday surprise for the whole family.

"True happiness is giving to others and seeing the children's smiles was priceless," said Dr. Shan Ahmed from CareMed Pharmaceutical Services, who also attended the event.

CareMed Pharmaceutical Services CEO and Managing Partner Moby Kazmi, Dr. Shan Ahmed and Saba Ahmed brighten the holiday season for pediatric oncology patients at Stony Brook University Cancer Center