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Patient Billing

We realize that healthcare bills can be confusing so we ask that you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of your family's insurance coverage. Our account representatives are assigned according to the family's insurance plan. If you need assistance, contact the Customer Service/Patient Accounts Department at (631) 444-4151.

At the time of your child's discharge, we ask that you pay the portion of your bill that is not covered by insurance. Those without insurance coverage are responsible for paying the full cost for their child's care. If you expect to have difficulty paying your hospital bill, do not hesitate to contact the Patient Accounts Department to discuss your situation.

Typically, you will receive a bill from the hospital's Patient Accounts Department that will include charges for your child's room and meals, medical supplies, laboratory work, x-rays, and prescription drugs. In addition, you will receive bills for our doctors' services, which are managed by the Clinical Practice Management Plan (CPMP). If more than one doctor participated in your child's treatment, you will receive separate bills from each doctor. After you leave the hospital, the Patient Accounts Department will submit a final bill to your insurance company and send you a statement of your estimated financial obligation.

Hospital staff or a Medicaid representative completes all Medicaid applications while your child is still in the hospital. If the application is initiated while he or she is still a patient, there is no need for you to apply at a processing center.

After your insurance provider notifies us of the charges it will pay, you will receive a statement of the amount due, if any. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards. If you need help paying your bill, the Hospital's Financial Assistance Program can help uninsured families and those with limited insurance. Call the Customer Service/Patient Accounts Department for details at (631) 444-4151.

You should be aware that the bill you may receive from the hospital might not include all of the charges related to your child's care while hospitalized. Fees not included in the hospital bill include physician's and anesthesiologist's charges, as well as the charges of any consulting physicians or specialists involved in care. Also, there will be two separate bills for each x-ray procedure, as follows:

  • A bill from Stony Brook Children's, which represents the use of the equipment, technical personnel, and other overhead.
  • A bill from the radiologist who interprets the x-rays.

All payments or correspondence concerning the hospital bill should be addressed to the hospital. Information on payments or correspondence concerning the radiologist's bill will be provided at the time of billing.

For most people, insurance will cover almost the entire cost of hospital care. Different categories of insurance include Blue Cross, Medicare, Medicaid, major medical, and various other kinds of managed care organizations (HMOs, PPOs, Point of Service plans, etc.). You should be aware that the degree to which your hospital bill will be covered would vary in accordance with the type of insurance your family has. For example, some managed care organizations will cover hospitalization at 100 percent if the hospital is out of network. Another example is Medicare, where coverage for hospital stays is subject to an annual deductible. Hospitals, in turn, are reimbursed by the insurance company according to various mechanisms that differ according to the type of insurance.