Your Visit — Everything You Need To Know About Your Visit

Preparing For Your Child’s Surgery

Take a Tour
If your child will be having surgery at the Ambulatory Surgery Center, we recommend an informal preoperative visit in which we introduce the facility and the treatment team in a non-threatening manner. We strongly encourage your entire family to participate in this program, as it is provides both child and family members with practical preparation. It also can help alleviate concerns and anxiety, which will help things go more smoothly on the day of surgery.

During the tour, we show the child most of the things he or she will see on the day of surgery. Children are encouraged to touch the monitoring equipment and anesthesia masks and ask as many questions as they may have.

We have found that these tours are most successful if they are informal, warm, and short. Every attempt will be made to minimize your wait and duration of your visit. Most children will have had fun and will look forward to returning.

Tours are offered to children between the ages of 2 and 18 years of age, prior to surgery. Please call (631) 444-9400 to schedule your tour.

Preparation Through Play
Another useful tool to help prepare your child is our Pre-Surgical Coloring Book. Click here to download.

Pre-surgery Tips
  • If your child develops a cold or other symptoms in the days leading up to the scheduled surgery, please call your surgeon to discuss. We may need to reschedule, as it is important that your child is in optimal health for surgery and the healing process.
  • Please bring a favorite little toy or animal to comfort your child. If he or she has a little blanket or pillow at home please bring it as well. You may also want to bring a drinking bottle or a "sippy cup" that your child likes. We have feeding bottles available, but often children prefer their own, particularly after surgery. If they prefer a special juice, please feel free to bring some of that as well along to the Surgery Center. (It doesn't matter what it looks like.)
  • Please bring ALL MEDICATIONS that your child takes at home.
  • If your child has been directed to fast before the surgery, please follow the directions to the letter. In general, we ask that no solid food be given after midnight. However, we encourage clear liquids up to three hours before the surgery. Clear liquids mean any fluid that you can see through: water, apple juice, Sprite, ginger ale, coke, Gatorade, clear Jell-0. Milk and formula are prohibited. These are NOT clear liquids. NO MILK ALLOWED. Breastfed children can be breastfed until four hours before the surgery. These children can still have clear liquids until three hours before the surgery.
  • We appeal to you to minimize the fasting period. Please note that increasing the time of fasting does not decrease the risks at all. In fact, the child who has fasted excessively may be at a higher risk for developing a problem. Try to give the clear liquid as close to the three hours before surgery as possible. This may even require waking yourself and the child up during the night. BUT, no solid foods or milk or formula after midnight. (If your child has any condition that is associated with slow emptying of the stomach we will lengthen the fasting times. Examples of these are diabetes, obesity, esophageal problems, and reflux.)