Our Team

Stony Brook Children's Child Neurology Division consists of a core team of pediatric neurologists. Working collaboratively with the hospital's full complement of pediatric and neurology subspecialists — including clinical neurophysiologists, epileptologists, neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists — they provide diagnosis and management for a comprehensive range of disorders of the brain, spinal cord, muscles and nerves. The Division is led by the renowned pediatric neurologist, epileptologist and clinical neurophysiologist, Mary Andriola, MD.

Lourdes Bello-Espinosa, MD
Tejwant Bindra, DO
Louis Manganas, MD, PhD - Director, Lourie Center for Pediatric MS
Jill Miller-Horn, MD
Simona O. Treidler, MD
Susan Mackey, PA

Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Specialists
Louis Manganas, MD, PhD, Neurologist, Director 
Anita L. Belman, MD, Pediatric Neurologist Supporting Specialists
Robert Peyster, MD, Radiologist
Patrick Sibony MD, Neuro Ophthalmologist
Dorothy Reynolds, PhD, Pediatric Ophthalmologist
Deborah Weisbrot, MD, Psychiatrist
Thomas Preston, PhD, Neuropsychologist
Maria Milazzo, RN, MS, PNP-C, Nurse Practitioner