Info for School Nurses

Important guidelines to follow when a child in your school has cancer or a blood disorder.

  • Identify and establish open communication with the School Intervention and Re-Entry/Medical team
  • Request information regarding the child's diagnosis and treatment
  • Inquire about side effects the child is experiencing
  • Ask about changes in the child's body image (Will the child wear a hat, have a cast, require crutches or a wheelchair)
  • Inquire about the child's central line type and location 
  • Identify any necessary activity restrictions or modifications
  • Inquire about medication administration and obtain prescriptions/orders, if necessary to administer during the school day
  • Report infectious outbreaks to the family/medical team (e.g. chicken pox, measles pertussis)
  • Send a letter to parents of classmates requesting notification of contagious illnesses because of the presence of a immunocompromised child in the class 
  • Hold a meeting with the child and family prior to the child's return
  • Keep updated with child's progress
  • Notify the family/medical team for fevers, pallor, bleeding, vomiting and any other unusual signs and symptoms


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