Patient Stories

High-level specialty services. Lifesaving interventions. Life-enhancing education and disease management. At Stony Brook Children's we deliver this kind of leading-edge care. But we also know that when it comes to children's health, everything matters — even the little things. A children's hospital is full of stories of hope, healing and everyday miracles. Here some of our patients and families share their experiences and tell their stories.
  • Alana B
    At age five, Alana went into kidney failure, which later required her needing a transplant.
  • Christian R
    An ultrasound revealed that Baby Christian was developing with his intestines outside his body, a birth defect known as gastroschisis
  • Cole, Kyle and Christina
    Stony Brook University Hospital was able to help a young family deliver and take home three prematurely born infants who are now healthy and thriving.
  • Courtney H
    Lacerated Spleen / Internal Bleeding
    A fall from a horse left nine-year-old Courtney with a lacerated spleen, a shattered kidney, and severe internal bleeding.
  • Jake Z
    intestinal blockages / NICU
    Jake was born premature with 23 intestinal blockages unable to even tolerate a teaspoon of milk.
  • Keagan K
    Kidney & Bladder Problems
    A routine ultrasound revealed serious kidney and bladder problems while Keegan was still in utero.
  • Keegan and Quinlan R
    Premature Twins / NICU
    Premature twins Keegan and Quinlan R spent six weeks in the NICU receiving round-the-clock care.
  • Lauren R
    Brain cancer
    Just before her senior year, 17-year-old Lauren developed brain cancer.
  • Lila N
    Lung disorder
    Lila's lung disorder was so rare, it was the first case of its kind at Stony Brook.
  • Patrick S
    Hirschsprung's disease
    When doctors at his community hospital uncovered signs of serious illness, they immediately transferred Patrick to Stony Brook Children's.