What We Do

The School Intervention and Re-Entry Team offers many services to all student patients in our program, depending on individual need:

  • Give presentations to school faculty regarding the patient's illness and treatment
  • Provide classroom presentation to the patient's peers
  • Liaison between hospital and school
  • Arrange for home instruction
  • Advocate for appropriate educational services
  • Attend 504 and CSE/IEP meetings
  • Provide medical documentation to schools
  • Facilitate neuropsychological evaluations and/or other educational testing services
  • Hold ongoing phone consultation regarding school issues, placement, curriculum, accommodations, and other educational services
  • Host the annual "Educating the Educators" conference for school and healthcare professionals
  • Offer professional development in-services to school staff
  • Provide special school presentations when needed (for example, bereavement or coping with a staff member with illness)