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Change For Children

How Your Small Change Can Make a Big Difference
Hundreds of children throughout Suffolk County are collecting spare change from family and friends for Stony Brook Children’s Hospital in the “Change for Children” initiative. The money will be used to grow hospital programs to better meet the health care needs of our community’s children. Spare change collection envelopes will be distributed to elementary schools in Suffolk County.  We encourage middle schools and high schools to initiate special fundraising events or drives.

Since the inception of our Change for Children program in 2010, we have raised over $100,000 with the help of many of Suffolk County’s schools. It is with the help of our community that our vision of Stony Brook Children’s Hospital as a world-class pediatric care facility close to home continues to flourish. 

And with more than a quarter of a million students attending schools in Suffolk County’s 71 public school districts, that’s a lot of potential change for children.

For more information or to participate, call (631) 444-2899.