Specialties & Services — Clinical Programs
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Adolescent & Young Adult HIV Care and Prevention Center

The Designated AIDS Center’s Adolescent & Young Adult Specialized Care Center 

  • Comprehensive and Coordinated Care for HIV+ Adolescents and Young Adults (Ages 13-24)
    • HIV Care
    • Primary Care
    • Mental Health Care
    • Medical Case Management
    • Multidisciplinary team with supportive services on-site

For an appointment, call (631) 444-8226.

  • Prevention Program for Adolescents and Young Adults at Risk for HIV and STIs (Ages 13-25)
    • Confidential HIV Testing
    • Confidential STI Testing
    • Family Planning Services

For an appointment, call (631) 444-2730 or (631) 444-KIDS.


HIV Prevention Program - Program that aims to stop the transmission of HIV. Serves HIV negative individuals of all ages.

  • Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP):
    • Prevents HIV with a once daily pill.
    • Provides PrEP screening for HIV negative individuals
    • Medical case management to HIV negative patients on PrEP
    • Community education and outreach

For more information contact the PrEP Specialist at (631) 559-6138.

  • Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) - Prevent HIV after potentially being exposed to HIV:
    • Provides assessments and prescriptions for HIV PEP.

For more information, contact the PrEP Specialist at (631) 559-6138.


HIV Services

Stony Brook Medicine and Stony Brook Children's Hospital provide a comprehensive team of care that includes medical care and essential supportive services for people who are HIV+. 

  • Medical Care for HIV Exposed Infants: 
    • Provides medical care for infants born to HIV+ mothers during the first 4-6 months of life.

For appointments or more information please contact Pediatric Infectious Diseases at (631) 444-7692.

  • Medical Case Management - Serves HIV+ patients of all ages who received medical care at SBM.
    • Coordinates medical care and related services
    • Provides supportive services, education, information and referral to ensure all medical needs are met and community based services are in place.

For more information, please call (631) 444-8226.

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy - Serves HIV+ individuals of all ages who receive medical care at SBM and/or who live in Suffolk County.
    • Provides nutritional assessments, education, and treatment plans.

For more information, please call (631) 444-8832. 

  • Linkage Retention and Treatment Adherence (LRTA) - Serves HIV+ patients of all ages who received medical care at Stony Brook Medicine.
    • Links HIV+ individuals lost to follow-up and those who are newly diagnosed with medical care.
    • Provides retention services.
    • Provides adherence education and counseling through evidence based interventions.

For more information, please contact the Retention Specialist at (631) 905-1306.

  • Behavioral Health Education and Engagement (BHEE) - Serves HIV+ clients of all ages in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, clients do not have to receive medical care at Stony Brook Medicine.
    • Educates clients about the benefits of engaging in mental health and substance abuse treatment. 
    • Provides screenings, education, referrals, and accompaniment to the first 3 behavioral health appointments.

For more information, please contact the Behavioral Health Educator at (631) 208-7121.

  • Suffolk Project for AIDS Resource Coordination (SPARC) - Serves HIV+ women, children, and youth in Suffolk, clients do not have to receive medical care at Stony Brook Medicine.
    • Goal: To ensure that HIV+ women, children and youth in Suffolk are engaged and retained in a comprehensive, coordinated system of medical care and supportive services. 
    • Works with a consortium of community agencies and people living with HIV to improve coordination of services, identify unmet needs and develop collaborative programs to meet them. 
    • Services Include:
      • Free rapid HIV testing
      • Linkage to medical care and case management services for newly diagnosed or previously diagnosed but not in care
      • Care coordination to ensure clients are engaged and retained in care
      • Nutritional assessments and education
      • Transportation
      • Child care
      • Evidence-based patient self-management classes.  

For more information, please call (631) 369-8696.

  • Stony Brook HIV Community Advisory Board (CAB): The CAB is made up of HIV+ patients in care at Stony Brook Medicine / Stony Brook Children's Hospital. The CAB is a forum to discuss the HIV program and develop recommendation for how care can be improved.