Specialties & Services — Community & Prevention

Asthma Coalition of Long Island (ACLI)

Through the ACLI, on which Stony Brook's Dr. Catherine Kier is an Executive Board member, we have participated in a number of asthma community outreach projects including:

  • Partnership with Primary Care Sites, which involves on-site visits to pediatrician offices to provide asthma education and education to the staff regarding asthma delivery devices
  • Asthma Obesity Project (partnered with Fit Kids), which encourages healthy lifestyle including exercise and good dietary choices in obese asthma patients
  • Brentwood Asthma Empowerment Community Project, which provides asthma education resources to the community, with the goal of decreasing the asthma hospitalization rates of Brentwood, one of the highest in the county. With this initiative, Stony Brook has partnered with PRONTO, a Brentwood-based non-for-profit organization, community pediatricians and Medicaid HMOs.