Advances and Recognition

Designated AIDS Center's Adolescent & Young Adult Specialized Care Center: Stony Brook has been awarded Suffolk County's only specialized HIV center since 2011. The divisions of Adolescent Medicine and Pediatric Infectious Diseases collaborate to provide comprehensive and integrated HIV and Primary health care, medical case management, and supportive services to adolescents and young adults living with and affected by HIV using a multidisciplinary team model. 

HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Program: Awarded a grant through the NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute Bureau of HIV Ambulatory Care Services for HIV Prevention in July 2016. Dr. Allison Eliscu, Chief of Adolescent Medicine, serves as the Principal Investigator for this grant and as Stony Brook's PrEP Champion. Stony Brook improves access to HIV PrEP care for HIV negative patients of all ages, as well as provides community education and outreach. 

Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program: Awarded a NYS Department of Health Bureau of Women, Infant and Adolescent Health grant in 2010 and renewed in 2017. Provides evidence-based interventions in group settings addressing reproductive and sexual health of teens and young adults. Adolescent Medicine physicians provide workshops to parents/caregivers on sexual and reproductive health issues and parent-child communication.