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Abnormal vaginal discharge – foul-smelling and/or thick or discolored fluid or material that comes from the vagina. Normal vaginal discharge is typically a thin, liquid-like substance that’s clear or milky with a mild odor or no odor.

Cervix – the end of the uterus which can be seen during an internal examination of the vagina

Menses – another term for periods

Ovarian cysts – a sac containing fluid that develops in the ovary. Most cysts don’t cause any problems and go away on their own, while others require treatment.

Pap test- a test in which cells are collected from the cervix and examined under a microscope

Pelvic exam- an examination of the reproductive organs

Speculum – an instrument doctors use to hold open the walls of the vagina during an examination

STIs – Sexually Transmitted Infections. These are infections that are spread from one person to another through sexual contact

Vagina – a tube-like structure in the body that leads from the uterus to the vulva

Vulva – the portion of your genitals outside of your body