Pediatric Specialties — Allergy & Immunology
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Stony Brook Children's Allergy & Immunology photo

Most services are delivered on an outpatient basis, but board-certified Pediatric Allergy/Immunology physicians are available for hospital consultations. The Allergy & Immunology Division cares for children with:

• Allergic conjunctivitis
• Allergic rhinitis (Hay Fever)
• Asthma
• Atopic dermatitis (Eczema)
• Angioedema (Swelling)
• Drug allergies
• Eczema
• Eosinophilic esophagitis
• Food allergies
• Hives (Urticaria)
• Immune deficiencies such as Hypogammaglobulinemia, Common Variable Immunodeficiency, DiGeorge Syndrome
• Insect sting allergy
• Sinusitis
• Allergic reactions to vaccines
• Evaluation of children with recurrent infections or fever

In our allergy clinics, we perform prick skin testing to environmental and food allergens. Antibiotic skin testing is also available, along with vaccine skin testing, in the event of allergic reaction to antibiotics or vaccines. Our physicians administer allergy immunotherapy injections for patient with allergic rhinitis.  In-office oral food challenges to foods such as milk, egg, and peanut are also performed to confirm loss of food allergies. We also offer in-office food challenges with baked egg or baked milk for selected patients. Spirometry is an additional tool for patients with chronic cough or known asthma. We perform immune evaluations for children with recurrent infections, chronic rhinosinusitis, or recurrent fevers. We evaluate newborn infants who have abnormal screening tests for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency and care for children with primary immunodeficiency disorders who often require gamma globulin replacement therapy.