Advances and Recognition

Pediatric Dentistry patient photo
  • The Department of Children’s Dentistry has recently undergone a name change to reflect its new interdisciplinary approach to education and patient treatment: It is now called the Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry.
  • Dr. Stephanos Kyrkanides is chair of the Department, Dr. Richard Faber is director of the Advanced Education Program in Orthodontics, and Dr. Fred Ferguson is director of the Advanced Education Program in Pediatric Dentistry. Combining the specialties has enhanced interaction between faculty and residents, who are playing a major role on the cleft palate/craniofacial team at Stony Brook Medicine. Increased interaction between specialties has also led to the formation of the dentofacial deformities program, which has a team of orthodontists, oral maxillofacial surgeons, a periodontist, and a plastic surgeon, and sleep medicine physicians.
  • The Advanced Education Program in Pediatric Dentistry continues its mission of bringing comprehensive care to communities with poor access to oral health care. The Commission on Dental Accreditation granted the program permission to expand the entering class. Having extra residents enhances the program’s community-based access to care for schools, organizations and other programs. Expanded services will be provided via the Mobile Dental Clinic. The program will also provide continuing education to health professionals and develop initiatives to educate schools on the acute management of dental trauma and the importance of mouth protection in sports.
  • Dr. Rhona Sherwin, clinical associate professor of the Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry, serves as principal investigator on the School of Dental Medicine’s New York State preventive services grant. She also oversees SDM’s participation in “The Oral Health Status of Third Grade Children,” a joint effort of the Centers for Disease Control and the New York State Department of Health. This national survey collects community-based data on children’s tooth decay and treatment needs. Dr. Sherwin and other Stony Brook dentists go to local schools to examine third graders, who are chosen for their mixed dentition — primary teeth plus six-year molars — and interview them about their diets and level of physical activity. Margaret E. Bakos, director of community services, was recently named to the board of directors of Long Island Head Start. She will serve on the Program and Education Committee.
  • Long Island Business News has recognized Margaret Bakos along with Dr. Rhona Sherwin and two other SDM staff members as “Dental Heroes” for their work in creating outreach programs to the underserved communities of Long Island. They were recognized along with Dr. Patricia A. Lewis (posthumous), founding director of the Advanced Specialty Education Program in Pediatric Dentistry and Carol A. Sloane, assistant dean for dental auxiliary education and director of clinical operations.
  • Dr. Debra Cinotti, director of the General Practice Residency Program, created a program to provide dental screenings and oral hygiene education for athletes participating in Special Olympics games. Dr Cinotti is also the program coordinator for SDM’s Dental Care for the Developmentally Disabled program. Dr. Cinotti teaches dental students and residents how to provide care for patients with special needs, including cerebral palsy, autism, and Down’s syndrome. The behavior of persons with special needs often presents challenges to dental care. Often, dentists don’t feel they can handle these behavioral problems in a private setting.
  • Dr. Barry Waldman, distinguished professor in the Department of General Dentistry, was recently recognized by the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry for his contributions in promoting and advancing oral health care to the special needs community.