Devlopmental & Behavioral Pediatrics photo

The intersection between a child's development, behavior, and emotional and physical health is the province of developmental and behavioral pediatrics.

Is a baby extraordinarily fussy and difficult to comfort?
Is a preschooler having "accidents" long past potty training?
Does a grade schooler have difficulty focusing and paying attention in class?
Is an infant or toddler late in reaching major developmental milestones?

Any of these issues are a valid reason for consulting with your child's pediatrician. If concerns persist, or the pediatrician advises it, a consultation by a developmental and behavioral specialist may be in order. At Stony Brook Children's Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, we assist families and primary care physicians in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of a broad range of developmental, behavioral, learning, and genetic disorders. In addition to providing clinical care and consultation, our team is actively involved in research and education, contributing significantly to local, regional, national, and international conversations addressing children's medical status, emotional health, development and behavior.