Pediatric Specialties — Division of Neonatology
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Our Team

Physician with infant

The neonatal team includes seven board-certified or board-eligible attending neonatologists, eight neonatal fellows, nine neonatal nurse practitioners, more than 110 dedicated neonatal nurses, a discharge coordinator, a neonatal social service worker, a dedicated neonatal nutritionist and lactation consultant, a bereavement counselor, chaplaincy services, an ethicist, a discharge coordinator, nurse educators, helpful receptionists, dedicated respiratory therapists and other ancillary support staff. All are committed to delivering compassionate, family-centered, medically advanced and developmentally sensitive care to the smallest and sickest babies. For complex neonatal disorders, we have full-time attending consultants in every subspecialty of pediatrics available, such as cardiology, neurology, infectious disease, surgery, and whatever else the baby may need.

To ensure optimal patient safety and best outcomes, we use a strategy called Team STEPPS. This evidence-based success story from the US Department of Health teaches staff leadership skills, meticulous monitoring of patients, and mutual support and communication techniques. The Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine also provides the highest level of quality and safety for best outcomes by having attending neonatologists in-house 24/7. All of our attending neonatologists are faculty of the Stony Brook School of Medicine. This means our attending neonatologists remain on the leading edge of advancements in their areas of expertise and they conduct both laboratory and clinical research.


Shanthy Sridhar, MD - Acting Division Chief, NICU Medical Director 
Joseph DeCristofaro, MD
Carly I. Gomes, MD
Asma S. Khan, DO
Mehbeen Khan, MD
Echezona Maduekwe, MD
Jonathan Mintzer, MD
Aruna Parekh, MD
Jennifer Pynn, MD, Fellowship Director
Esther Speer, MD

Neonatal Nurse Practitioners Biographies

Siobhan Cassidy, CNNP, MS
Tram Dang, MS, NNP-BC
Nancy Enterlin, MS, NNP-BC
Jennifer Haas, MS, NNP-BC
Susan Katz, DNP
Kate Lindstadt, MS, NNP-BC
Charlene Lyons, MS, NNP-BC
Patricia Mele, DNP, NNP-BC
Robert A. Mele, MS, NNP-BC, CCRN
Pamela Minett, MS, NNP-BC
Elizabeth A. Perri, MS, NNP-BC 
Anne Salice, MS, NNP-BC, PNP (Stony Brook Southampton Hospital)
Patricia Schwarz, MS, PNP, NNP-BC

Kerry A. Walsh, MS, PNP, NNP-BC

Annemarie Whiting, MS, NNP-BC

Nursing Leadership Biographies

Lynn Marie Antonawich, MS, RN (Assistant Director of Nursing, NICU)
Marianna Lawrence, RNC (Regional Perinatal Center Coordinator)