Research And Education

Pediatric Dentistry Photo

Teaching the next generation of physicians and conducting research are key elements of the pediatric anesthesiology division's mission. We teach medical students and residents through the Stony Brook University School of Medicine as well as health science majors in the Stony Brook University School of Technology and Management. Anesthesia residents rotate through all of the anesthesia subspecialties including pediatric anesthesiology. Residents also have the opportunity to work on ongoing research projects as well as develop their own projects with the division members. Like our colleagues at Stony Brook in adult anesthesiology, our faculty conducts a variety of basic, clinical and translational research, and is widely published on topics ranging from clinical techniques in pediatric sedation for MRI to pharmacodynamics in the fetal brain. We also are involved in researching new ways to improve skill development and education for medical students and post-graduate medical trainees.