Pediatric Emergency Medicine

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Stony Brook is also the only Level 1 Pediatric trauma center in the county, which means that the most severe emergencies get sent to us.

The doctors in our dedicated pediatric emergency medicine division are available 24/7 to provide the most advanced pediatric emergency care available in Suffolk County for infants, children and young adults. 

We provide:

  • Age-appropriate care that factors in the child's physical, social and emotional development
  • “Ouchless medicine” through the use of various techniques to eliminate pain, including giving oral fluids instead of an IV when safe and appropriate; using special numbing cream on the child’s skin to greatly reduce pain from a needle; “bundling” all the painful tests, such as blood drawing and IV insertion, into one “stick,” and using special painkilling and sedative medications during more serious procedures, such as setting a broken bone — done under the direct supervision of a board-certified Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician
  • Access to Child Life Services professionals who explain procedures in kid-friendly, age-appropriate terms, relieve anxiety and provide distraction.
  • Child-sized equipment, gowns, IVs, airway management tools and other medical necessities
  • Child-friendly décor, child-sized furniture and a waiting room stocked with toys, colorful artwork and an aquarium
  • Free valet parking. We’ll take care of your car so you can take care of your child.

Our Team

Our team is composed of board-certified pediatric emergency physicians and pediatric intensivists who have devoted their life’s work to emergency care. They not only have the experience of working with the most extreme emergencies, they also are skilled in the latest protocols, techniques and literature on emergency medicine. In addition, they work closely with other pediatric subspecialists to ensure your child is correctly diagnosed and treated appropriately the first time — key when every second counts.

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