The pediatric ENT team specializes in diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions of the ear, nose and throat for infants, children and teens. They treat everything from minor issues to chronic conditions, as well as perform surgery and long-term medical management for the most complex acquired and congenital disorders.

Diagnostics typically are performed surgically, although the team utilizes the entirety of Stony Brook’s diagnostic expertise including CT, MRI and ultrasound.

The Division also treats the full spectrum of hearing loss, and Dr. Schessel is the only surgeon on Long Island to perform cochlear implant surgery on children.

In addition, the Division is often approached by manufacturers to evaluate new technology. This means that children have access to the latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment of airway problems six months to a year before it is available anywhere else.

Some of the most common ENT conditions treated at Stony Brook Children’s include:

• Allergies
• Bronchial cleft cysts
• Chronic ear infections
• Chochlear Implant
• Cleft Lip and Palate
• Conditions associated with Down syndrome
• Congenital cysts
• Congenital malformations, including cleft lip and palate
• Facial paralysis
• Hearing loss (cochlear implants)
• Reflux
• Sinusitis
• Sleep apnea
• Speech and voice issues
• Thyroglessal duct cysts
• Thyroid cancer
• Vocal chord issues

Note that patients are typically followed by the pediatric ENT team until age 21, when then, if they still need medical management, they are transitioned to an adult team at Stony Brook Medicine. This helps ensure a seamless delivery of services and highly coordinated care — plus the peace of mind knowing that all patient needs can be taken care of at one place.