Pediatric hospitalists focus exclusively on taking care of children, including babies born at the hospital, during their hospital stays. This specialization benefits kids and their families in several ways.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, emerging data show that pediatric hospitalist programs, like their counterparts for adults, provide high-quality medical outcomes, decreased lengths of stay, and lower costs—while maintaining patient and referring physician satisfaction.

At Stony Brook Children's, our hospitalists offer extensive clinical experience and expertise in the care and management of hospitalized children; a commitment to patient- and family-centered care; and all-day availability to patients and families. Our hospitalists are also up-to-date on the most recent patient care strategies.

Stony Brook Children's pediatric hospitalist program has been in place since 2005. Patients are referred to our hospitalists' care by Stony Brook primary care physicians, by private pediatricians within the community, and by other pediatric subspecialists. The hospitalists maintain communication among physicians during the child's stay at Stony Brook Children's and give referring physicians the information they need to ensure that care is continued after the child is discharged.