Stony Brook's pediatric hospitalists provide care for children from infancy through adolescence with a wide range of conditions that require inpatient hospitalization. 

The pediatric hospitalists care for children on the general inpatient pediatric unit who are hospitalized with varied medical needs. Some children are hospitalized for common pediatric conditions, such as pneumonia or dehydration, and others have chronic or complex medical conditions, some of whom require frequent or prolonged hospitalizations.

The pediatric hospitalist team manages infants in the newborn nursery. While most of the newborns are healthy, many are born to mothers with complex medical conditions. The team has expertise in treating babies with neonatal abstinence syndrome and babies who are premature but do not require management in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

For many parents, having a child admitted to the hospital is stressful and frightening. For this reason, the pediatric hospitalists at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital practice a patient and family-centered approach. Families are included in morning rounds, discussions and care plan meetings.  Daily hospital rounds are conducted at the bedside with the patient and family, along with nurses, pharmacists, social workers and Child Life specialists. 

Pediatric hospitalists at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital provide expert oversight for medical students and resident physicians. As educators, our team must remain up to date on the latest evidence and medical treatments.

As inpatient specialists, pediatric hospitalists have expertise and experience in treating children with rare conditions and provide multidisciplinary coordinated care with other specialists including the pediatric subspecialists, surgeons, radiologists, social workers, physical therapists, speech therapists.