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The Division of Radiology of Stony Brook Children's provides diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures for neonates, infants, children, adolescents, and pregnant women.

Our radiologists, technologists, nursing team, and support staff are committed to safety first and making your visit to our hospital and department efficient and pleasurable. Imaging and image-guided therapies are performed using state-of-the art technologies and protocols. This includes use of a 320-multislice CT scanner to deliver the lowest possible radiation exposure and a 3T MRI scanner to achieve the highest possible image quality with no radiation. Our academic- and research-based approach, combined with use of the latest technologies, makes Stony Brook Children’s the most advanced pediatric radiology program in the region.

Diagnostic Radiology

Diagnostic radiology uses medical imaging technology to see into the body without surgery, pinpointing and identifying disorders.

Modalities include radiography (“x-rays”), fluoroscopy (“fluoro”), ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), and nuclear medicine. Interventional Radiology Interventional radiology is a specialized service using image guidance to perform minimally invasive procedures, both for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Procedures include vascular access, enteric access, biopsies, drainages, catheter angiography, angioplasty, nephrostograms with nephrostomy drainage, and transhepatic cholangiograms with biliary drainage.

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Advanced Imaging


500 Commack Road

For appointments:(631) 638-2600 or (631) 638-2121.
This community location is within Advanced Specialty Care, Stony Brook Medicine’s new, multispecialty center in Commack. On-site imaging services add an enhanced level of convenience to your care. Walk-ins for x-rays with a doctor’s referral/prescription are welcome. For all other imaging needs, a doctor’s referral and an appointment are needed. Choose Stony Brook, where MRI technology was invented.

Stony Brook

1320 Stony Brook Road
Stony Brook
For appointments:(631) 638-2600 or (631) 638-2121.
This community location, behind the Coventry Commons shopping center, makes it easy to get the diagnostic services you need. It’s a full-service facility staffed by the same experienced radiologists and technologists who work at Stony Brook Medicine. Free parking in front of the building. Same-day results available in most cases. Some tests can be done on a walk-in basis. Open evenings and weekends.

Imaging services available in both facilities include x-ray, CT Scan, Dexa (bone density scan), Mammography, MRI (3T) and Ultrasound.