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Pediatric Rheumatology, which covers rheumatic and autoimmune diseases, is such a rare specialty that there are only about 300 pediatric rheumatologists in the country.

Stony Brook Children’s has two pediatric rheumatologists. And we are the only hospital in Suffolk County and just one of two on Long Island to offer this specialty for children.

Some rheumatic diseases require more aggressive treatment approaches as compared to adults. We believe our community’s children need access to specialized care. This means care tailored to the needs of children by doctors who are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of rheumatic diseases, as well as have access to the latest research and treatment. With correct diagnosis and aggressive early intervention, children can better manage these chronic diseases, avoid irreversible damage or lifelong complications, and participate in the typical activities of childhood.

At Stony Brook Children’s, we tap into our vast resources as an academic medical center, resulting in a multidisciplinary approach that combines careful assessment and diagnosis, best treatment practices, the latest medical advances and research — as well as collaboration with other pediatric specialists as needed — to deliver optimal outcomes.

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The core of our team consists of two physicians board-certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Rheumatology, and a nurse practitioner. They take a multidisciplinary approach, which means they bring other Stony Brook Children’s experts onto the team as needed. This may include physical therapists, ophthalmologists, orthopaedists, infectious disease specialists, and other pediatric specialists. 

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