Research and Education

As part of an academic medical center, Stony Brook's Pediatric Rheumatology Division participates in the teaching of tomorrow's professionals, as well as researching immune system disorders and their treatment. Our pediatric rheumatology division is a part of the Autoinflammatory Center at Stony Brook University Hospital.

Dr. Cherian is actively involved with the Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance (CARRA) and is a member of the working group for PFAPA and CRMO.

In addition, Dr. Cherian has an interest in resident/fellow teaching. She works with residents and pediatricians in training, as well as with adult rheumatologists in training, to educate them on the standard of care for children with arthritis and other rheumatologic and/or immune system disorders. She has a special interest in SLE, JIA and autoinflammatory disorders.

Dr. Nuruzzaman has a strong interest in medical student/resident education and is actively involved in developing educational pillars for medical education. She has a strong interest in clinical medicine, and is interested in particular, with the study of SLE.