Child Abuse Pediatrics

Dr. Gillian Hopgood


Child maltreatment is a significant public health problem that can have lasting impacts on a child's health and wellbeing.  An unfortunate reality of pediatric care, management of such cases requires expertise in child abuse and neglect and a collaborative approach.  At Stony Brook Children's Hospital, Dr. Gillian Hopgood is the Child Abuse Pediatrician who provides consultation for such concerns.

Dr. Hopgood is a board-certified pediatrician who completed fellowship training in Child Abuse Pediatrics and specializes in all forms of child maltreatment, including physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.  Dr. Hopgood provides consultation for the Emergency Department, inpatient and outpatient services to give recommendations and direct further evaluation of suspected child maltreatment cases.  Pediatric resident physicians at Stony Brook Children's Hospital work with Dr. Hopgood as a part of their residency training to become familiar with identification, diagnosis and treatment of child abuse and neglect.  

Dr. Hopgood serves as the liaison between the medical staff at Stony Brook Children's Hospital, Child Protective Services, law enforcement and the District Attorney's Office in the multidisciplinary evaluation of such cases.  She is the Medical Director of the Suffolk County Child Advocacy Center where she provides outpatient medical evaluation of children with concerns of abuse.