Classes & Education Series

Individual Medical Nutrition Therapy
Children and adults with nutrition-related medical conditions, such as diabetes, gestational diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, gastrointestinal conditions, obesity, cancer, and eating disorders are invited to participate in individual medical nutrition therapy sessions led by registered dietitians and nutritionists. Therapy sessions consist of a full nutrition assessment including medical history, dietary intake, supplement intake, body composition and available blood work; an individualized care plan, including dietary and physical activity recommendations; education and counseling using unique and effective nutrition education materials; and assessment of the effectiveness of your plan and appropriate modifications including lifestyle counseling throughout the program. Sports nutrition, diet prescriptions, and counseling are also available. Morning or afternoon sessions are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Most insurance programs accepted. To sign up, call (631) 444-1433 or (631) 444-5858.

Pre-Surgery Tours for Parents and Children
To familiarize you with the hospital setting and to help ease the fear and anxiety of hospitalization, Stony Brook's Child Life Specialists are available to conduct tours for parents and children. In addition to showing visitors through the hospital room, playroom and operating room, they are available to answer questions and listen to suggestions on how to make your child's hospitalization as comfortable as possible. To schedule a tour, call (631) 444-2871.

Sibling Classes
New baby on the way? The Mother-Baby Unit of Stony Brook offers weekly classes at 4 pm on Wednesdays for parents and children to prepare you for the changes that come with a new baby in the household. Utilizing a film narrated by children, combined with demonstrations of how to hold, feed and change a diaper, this hour-long program is free of charge. Classes conclude with a tour of the newborn nursery, a question and answer period, and a "Big Sister/Big Brother" certificate. Classes should be scheduled at least one month prior to due date. To sign up, call (631) 444-4000.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program
Stony Brook Medicine's Department of Family, Population & Preventive Medicine offers the WIC programto women, infants and children in the community. WIC is a supplemental nutrition program offering a healthy food package, and nutrition counseling and breastfeeding support to program participants.   Program enrollment is income based and you can enroll in this program even if you are not a legal resident (green card not needed) or U.S. citizen; if you do not have a social security number; if you receive food stamps, public assistance or Medicaid; or, if you are a foreign student with an F-1 Visa. To sign up, contact a representative at one of our four locations: