Our Little Heroes

Children Fighting Cancer Parents Support Network

The Pediatric Hematology / Oncology program at Stony Brook Medicine provides the only support group east of Manhattan for families of children with cancer. The support group is a vital aspect of patient care, second only to cutting edge treatment in helping patients and families cope with the stresses of battling cancer.

Our Little Heroes has three main goals!

  • To provide unity and connection through the newsletter giving the families a sense of "We are not in this alone". We also connect families who are new in treatment with families who are further along. This gives the parents a chance to seek support from families who have gone through this experience. Hopefully creating friendships, which bond some families together, all the way through treatment.
  • To give emotional support, education and counseling to the families through quarterly support meetings. Providing a time to speak freely to the support staff as well as to other parents. Each meeting gives the families a chance to voice any concerns they might have. We have also provided "Family Pizza Night" where the kids watch a movie or color and the parents have a chance to share stories, and new this year we have added "Moms Only" Craft Night where the moms get together and create a hand crafted journal (with a decorative paper cover, stamped pages and jeweled accents) while talking to each other and having refreshments.
  • To give the families relaxing and enjoyable parties at least twice a year away from the hospital setting. Providing the children with a chance to see the medical staff in a non-threatening and fun setting. Offering the families a chance to put the daily stresses of fighting cancer to the back of their minds for a few hours of fun.

All of the support, parties and event nights are given completely free of charge to the families. Our Little Heroes acquires its financial support through fund-raisers and private donations. Anyone who is interested in making a donation to "Our Little Heroes" can send a check to:

Our Little Heroes
Stony Brook Children’s Hospital
Pediatric Hem/Onc Dept.
Health Sciences Tower, 11th Floor, Room 029
Stony Brook, NY 11794-8111


For more information about "Our Little Heroes" you can call:

Nicole Gutman, MS
Newsletter Editor
Our Little Heroes

Call: 631-444-7521