The Best Ideas In Medicine for Kids

The Best Ideas in Medicine Chilren's infographic

We have Kids Doctors for Every Illness

More than 180 pediatric specialists trained in over 30 specialties who care for kids age 0 to 21+.

With more than 180 pediatric specialists trained in 30+ specialties, we have doctors trained to treat every condition affecting kids — from minor illness to major trauma. Stony Brook Children's also provides multidisciplinary, medically advanced care for a number of pediatric conditions through one-of-a-kind programs and centers.
We're Her for Every Emergency

Our 24/7 kids-only emergency department can handle any medical situation.

Stony Brook's state-of-the-art dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department meets the unique needs of children and families and, as Suffolk County’s only American College of Surgeons verified Level I (highest level) Pediatric Trauma Center, we are equipped to treat the most severely ill and injured children.

We also have a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), a state-designated Burn Center and an inpatient pediatric psychiatric unit.

Get Your Own Space

Every family has a single-patient room with comforts to help make it feel like home.

As the only children’s hospital on Long Island with only single-patient rooms, Stony Brook Children’s combines the best practices in modern pediatric medicine with a child- and family-first philosophy. Choices for the hospital’s design and amenities are supported by research that shows a child-friendly environment contributes to better outcomes for children. In addition to scenic views of Long Island’s North Shore, each patient room offers soothing hues, child-sized furnishings, a pull-out bed and a sleeper chair for family members to stay overnight, a refrigerator for patient and family use, and a television with a broad menu of interactive options.
Lots of People Care For You Image

Nurses, social workers, specially trained Child Life Specialists and many others are all experts in pediatrics, and are here to help you and your family with whatever you need.

In addition to our 180 pediatric physician specialists, we have highly skilled nurses, social workers, therapists, Child Life Specialists and support staff delivering care in a way that considers each family member’s needs. Instead of traditional nurses’ stations, our work environment includes Y-shaped desks just outside of patient rooms, that allow nurses to monitor patients in two rooms simultaneously while taking notes, reviewing medications, creating care plans and writing discharge plans.
Beautiful Healing Environment image

Our North Shore views and nautical look, helps to bring the outside in.

The hospital’s décor highlights our Long Island heritage. The lobby includes a colorful reception desk, blue tiles, lighted “portholes,” nautically themed art and a live feed from the Long Island Aquarium. Uniquely textured “ocean” walls are featured on every floor. Patient rooms include multi-colored wall lights, controlled by patients, that come to life with turtles, fish and dolphins.
We Keep Things Ouchless image

We use techniques to take the hurt out of common pediatric medical procedures.

The hospital specializes in “ouchless medicine” for kids in many ways, including the use of numbing creams before injections and venipuncture, and specialized equipment like the Accu-Vein®, which makes locating veins easier and with instruments that are child-sized for both comfort and added precision.

Another focus is on making procedures more understandable and comfortable. We provide safe spaces for kids by performing medical procedures outside their rooms and activity areas and by providing therapeutic play space and age-appropriate explanations of procedures. For example, our “Kitten Scanner,” a miniature play-version of a computer-aided tomography (CAT) scanner, is designed to help ease the anxiety CAT and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans can cause. Stony Brook Children’s Kitten Scanner is one of only three in the region, and the only one on Long Island.

You Can Go to School image

Our special educational resources help you keep up with schoolwork.

At Stony Brook Children’s, going to school doesn't have to stop. In place are special resources that help to assure each child’s education remains as uninterrupted as possible during their hospitalization. There are quiet places for kids to study, do homework and, when possible, connect virtually with their teachers and classmates. An on-site BOCES teacher, an intrinsic part of the healthcare team, provides individualized education both in the classrooms, and at bedside when needed, to help keep kids’ studies and development on track. And, for children undergoing treatment for cancer or a blood disorder, our renowned School Intervention and Re-Entry Program’s team of experts works directly with patients, parents, school personnel and classmates to coordinate schooling and to help ease the child's return to the classroom.
You Can Be a Kid image

There are fully stocked playrooms, a teen lounge, a garden and activities to keep you busy.

We have separate child and teen playrooms, as well as common areas, and an outdoor garden coming in the spring. Our Child Life Specialists and volunteers provide a variety of activities to patients, using age-appropriate toys and games, arts and crafts, movies and music in designated activity areas and at patient bedsides. Since play is children’s “work” and their means of exploration, discovery and conflict resolution, it is the primary tool of the Child Life Program. Child Life staff will provide games, toys and activities at the patient’s bedside for those children who require isolation during hospitalization and are unable to visit the playrooms.

A separate playroom is set aside for those children unable to attend activities in the Main Playroom due to reverse isolation. Children who are immunosuppressed can play safely in this smaller playroom and enjoy any of the same activities available in the Main Playroom. For patients who are 12 years and older, a Teen Lounge, which includes computers with internet access and video games, is designed to meet the needs of adolescents.

In addition to weekly visits by magicians, music therapists and pet therapy dogs, the Children's Hospital also hosts holiday visitors, musicians, librarians, Stony Brook University's athletes and others to share a smile with patients and families. Child Life Specialists and staff also make every effort to celebrate birthdays, holidays and other special events with the children in the hospital.

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Advanced equipment helps to make our care even better.

Stony Brook Children’s features state-of-the-art electronic safety systems and, outside each patient room, a digital display to alert staff of patient risks. And, through our patient television system, staff can assign educational healthcare videos specific to a patient’s condition.
Built with Outstanding Support image

New York State, private donors, corporations, hundreds of volunteers, many organizations and local schools all help to keep us strong for children on Long Island and beyond.

The children’s hospital expansion was funded by $53 million in state support, championed by New York State Senators Kenneth P. LaValle and John Flanagan. We also garnered $25 million in contributions from hundreds of community members and businesses, including Island Federal Credit Union and the Knapp Swezey Foundation, which has donated more than $5.2 million in support of Stony Brook Children's Hospital since it opened in 2010.
We're Out and About image

We work closely with schools and neighborhoods across Long Island to teach about safety and healthy habits.

With our focus on wellness, prevention and safety delivered through community-based programs, we also help to keep kids safer and out of the hospital. Our experts give presentations on seat belt and car safety, infant fall prevention, water safety, safe teen driving, safe sleep for babies and more at schools, libraries, PTA meetings, religious houses of worship and other venues — all at no charge. Our annual, kid-focused Health and Wellness Expo at Long Island Ducks’ game reaches a large number of families each year, and at our Teddy Bear Clinics in schools we teach many kindergarteners about the importance of booster seat use and helmet use.
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In many places, families have to travel far to get the kind of specialized pediatric care we offer here.

Because kids are generally healthier than adults, there are fewer children’s hospitals – only about 250 in the country. When a child has a complex medical condition, families may have to travel to access the specialized care the child needs. Having Stony Brook Children’s right on Long Island means that families throughout our region can receive the highest quality of pediatric care close to home.