Stony Brook Children's Specialties & Services

SERVICES, PROGRAMS AND SUPPORT at Stony Brook Children's and in the community. Stony Brook Children's offers a wide array of leading-edge clinical programs, support groups and prevention and education services — many of which are not available elsewhere in the community.


Pediatric Specialties

With physicians available in 30 pediatric specialties, Stony Brook Children's has the capabilities and expertise to treat almost all childhood conditions — from routine assessments to complex medical interventions.

Clinical Programs

Stony Brook Children's provides multidisciplinary, medically advanced care for a number of pediatric conditions through one-of-a-kind programs and centers. 

Pediatric Emergency Department

Stony Brook's new, state-of-the-art dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department meets the unique needs of children and families and, as Suffolk County’s only American College of Surgeons verified Level I (highest level) Pediatric Trauma Center, we are equipped to treat the most severely ill and injured children. 

Supportive Services

Stony Brook Children's provides a variety of programs and services to complement our medical care, and support children and families.

Community Prevention

Stony Brook Children's uses our specialized pediatric expertise to keep Suffolk County's children healthy. We sponsor education, outreach and prevention programs, as well as connect patients to resources including support groups and local chapters of national organizations.