Jack learns to knit and makes 24 hats

The Stony Brook Stitchers has been serving the Stony Brook Hospital, the Cancer Center and the Long Island Veterans Home for about 15 years now. Recently, they have also started creating knits and textiles for the new Children's Hospital. 

They recently received a most heartwarming letter from Jack Domaleski - a Stony Brook Children's alum, and new knitter. Jack learned to knit during COVID and decided that he wanted to give back to the hospital where he was born, 24 years ago. 


A note from Jack 

"I hope this email finds you well. My name is Jack Domaleski and I am writing today to inquire about a donation idea to knit hats for premature babies. I was born at Stony Brook in 1999 at one pound fifteen ounces. I am turning 24 this year and wanted to give back to where it all started. I learned how to knit during quarantine, so I was thinking about knitting 24 hats. 

Please let me know if this is something that your hospital would be interested in. I am willing to follow any necessary procedures and requirements, including hospital regulations, in order to make this happen. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing back from you."


The reply from Stony Brook Stitchers 

"Your email touched our hearts in a special way.......

Stories like yours are what keeps us going. Over the years we have had many patients and families reach out to us and tell us how a hand crafted baby hat or blanket they received from our volunteers meant to them. I am sure that any family that receives one of your hats will be touched in the same way. We would be honored to accept the hats you want to donate to the hospital.

We love knitters, crocheters, quilters, sewers (really all kinds of crafty people) and are glad your email found its way to us. We have about 300 volunteers whose ages range from about 15 years of age to 95 years old." 




The Results

A most wonderful set of 24 hats for the Children's Hospital.  Jack Domaleski we thank you.


The Stony Brook Stitchers

The Stony Brook Stitchers website has pattern links, dimensions, and craft ideas that are useful to the patients who receive the items. We encourage you to reference our website as we try to keep it updated with our current needs as well as interesting stories and many words of thanks to our volunteers.

Once we receive donated items they get professionally laundered and promptly distributed to patients in need at the Stony Brook University Hospital, Stony Brook Cancer Center, Stony Brook Children's Hospital, and the Long Island State Veterans Home. Please refer to the Current Projects and Requests Tabs on our website to see what our volunteers are working on now.  


The Child Life Program is accepting new gifts/toys from the store as donated through community gift drives or individual donors. Email joan.alpers@stonybrookmedicine.edu for more information about community toy drives and in-kind gift donations for pediatric patients. 

Any handmade cloth items are accepted as needed. Handmade cloth item donors should query the Stony Brook Stitchers by emailing  Melissa.Shampine@stonybrookmedicine.edu or Jan Tassie @ jantassie.sbu.stitchers@gmail.com