Protecting Your Child From Burns: Home Safety Check

 After a serious burn call 911 or call your doctor as soon as possible         

In the Kitchen

  1. Always keep an eye on your child when you are cooking. 
  2. Cook food on the back burners whenever you can. Stoves are safer with knobs on the stove top, not the front.
  3. Take the tablecloth off your table so your child can't pull hot food or drinks down onto themself.
  4. Put hot food or liquid in the middle of the table or counter, or in a place where your child can’t reach it.
  5. Don't hold your child while carrying a cup of hot liquid.
  6. Keep your child away from hot microwaved food, straight out of the oven.  
  7. Keep your child away from in-use appliances, such as the dishwasher, or dryer which may be hot.
  8. Keep electric cords out of your child’s reach.
  9. Make sure to keep your child off the countertop so he or she cannot reach hot things.
  10. Never bathe your child under running water. Hot water surges cause scalds. 


Filling the Bathtub

  • Put your whole hand in the water, spread your fingers wide, and move your hand back and forth for several seconds.
  • If the water feels even a little bit hot, then it is too hot.
  • Add more cold water and test again.
  • Lukewarm water (around 100°F) is safe for your child.
  • Always turn off hot water first when using the shower.


In the Bathroom

1. Do I watch my child in the bath?

Always stay with your child when he or she is in the bathtub.

2. Is my water temperature safe?

Turn your water heater down to 120° F or lower.

3. Do I check my child’s bath water?

Check the temperature of the bath water before placing your child in the bath. The temperature should not be

higher than 100°F. Use a tub thermometer to check the temperature of the bath water.

4. Can my child turn on the water faucet?

Face your child away from the faucet when he or she is in the tub. Keep your child close to the back of the bathtub. Place a blue sticker on the cold water faucet and a red sticker on the hot water faucet.

5. Do I need anti-scald handles on the faucet?

Put anti-scald handles on the faucets in your bathtub and sink if you cannot lower the water temperature to 120°.


In the Bedroom

  • Can my child reach something hot from the crib?
  • Move your child’s crib away from radiators and hot pipes.
  • Keep irons and hot styling tools (curling irons, flat irons, etc.), ashtrays and cigarettes out of your child’s reach.

What can I do if my child gets burned?

1. Move your child away from what caused the burn.

2. Remove clothes, diapers and shoes to make sure no other body part is burned.

3. Cool the burn with cool running water for up to 30 minutes.

4. Cover the burned area with a clean, dry sheet.  (Source: American Burn Association)

5. Call 911 or your doctor as soon as possible after a serious burn.


Download our full burn-safety home checklist.