Our Team

Unlike many university-based primary care programs, Stony Brook Children's Services dedicates two or three full-time staff physicians to a single location, rather than rotating them among multiple offices. All our pediatricians are board certified, and serve as educators in our School of Medicine, teaching the next generation of physicians as medical students, residents and fellows.

Our PCMH care is delivered by our entire practice staff. Led by your child’s primary care physician, this team of medical professionals builds lifelong relationships with your child. Because all care is coordinated through them, they help ensure that aspects of your child’s care do not “fall through the cracks.” They help avoid costly and unnecessary duplication of services such as routine laboratory procedures. They provide support, education and guidance; deliver evidence-based care; look for the most cost-effective solutions; and are culturally sensitive to your family’s language and belief system. They follow your child’s growth and development and become your partner in health.

For more information on any of our pediatricians, click on a physician name below.

Susmita Pati, MD, MPH  Division Chief
Robyn Blair, MD
Jessica Cohn, MD
Cathy Coleman, MD
Jill Cioffi, MD, Ambulatory Director
Roosje De Grauw, MD
Lori Ellis, MD
Samantha Feld, MD
Damian Forletti, MD
Munira Husainy, MD
Sharon Inkeles, MD
Jennifer Klingenberger-Beyer, MD
Robyn LaBarca, MD
Bernard Lau, MD
Katherine Morgera-Clores, DO
Saiqa Nabi, MD
Frieda Neuschotz, MD
Lauren Ng, DO
Richard Pongvitayapanu, MD                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Lycia Ryder, DO
Liliana Tique, MD
Nubia Vargas-Chen, MD
Susan Walker, MD
Denise Woodall-Ruff, MD

Maria McManus, PAC
Linda Wynne, PA
Tara Cardillo, NP
Amy Curran, NP
Debra Hickey, NP
Michelle Ly, NP


Stony Brook Children's Services is offering Telehealth services which will allow our patients to receive our high-quality care from the safety and privacy of their home.

To see if your pediatric needs can be met virtually, please call Stony Brook Children's Service at (631) 444-KIDS.

If you have already booked a Telehealth visit and have questions about connecting to Microsoft Teams for your visit, please call one of our representatives at (631) 638-0597 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. They will be happy to assist you. If you require support outside of these hours, please visit stonybrookmedicine.edu/telehealth.

Cómo unirse a su visita médica de telesalud de Stony Brook con la aplicación Microsoft Teams