Move Day

November 17, 2019 was an exciting day for Stony Brook Children's Hospital!
Our new facility opened, and patients were transferred from the existing hospital to their brand new room. 

Children's Hospital photos

A New Stony Brook Children’s Hospital

Stony Brook Children’s Hospital has always provided the “children’s hospital difference” by delivering specialized medicine for kids in a family-centered environment. With more than 180 pediatric physicians trained to treat every condition, the hospital is advancing pediatric care across Long Island and beyond through clinical care, medical research and education.

The new hospital, built with the support of the State of New York, private donors, corporations, hundreds of volunteers, many organizations and local schools, includes: 

A Wealth of Amenities

Stony Brook Children’s combines the best practices in modern pediatric medicine with a child- and family-first philosophy. Choices for the hospital’s design and amenities are supported by research that shows that a child-friendly environment contributes to better outcomes for children.

The facility’s nautical theme highlights the hospital’s Long Island heritage. In addition to blue tile “waves” and aquatic art in the lobby, there are uniquely textured “ocean” walls on every floor. Patient rooms include multicolored wall lights, controlled by patients, that come to life with turtles, fish and dolphins.


Above: Lobby of our Children's Hospital

On-site classrooms ensure each child’s education remains as uninterrupted as possible during their hospitalization. The facility also has separate child and teen playrooms and classrooms, as well as common areas, including an outdoor garden. For family members and visitors, the Ronald McDonald Family Room gives them a place to take a break, take a shower, check their email, do a load of laundry, grab a snack and get support from other families.

Ronald McDonald Family Room

Above: Ronald McDonald Family Room

Single-Patient Rooms

For each family’s privacy and to promote healing, all the patient rooms in Stony Brook Children’s are single-patient rooms, making it the only children’s hospital on Long Island to have all-private rooms. In addition to the scenic views, each room offers:

  • Designated spaces for patients, caregivers and family members
  • Soothing hues and child-sized furnishings
  • A pullout bed and sleeper chair for family members to stay overnight
  • A refrigerator for patient and family use
  • A television with a broad menu of interactive options

patient room

Above: Single patient room

Powerful Innovation

Stony Brook Children’s features advanced electronic safety systems and automatically displays vital patient data from the patient’s chart on digital displays as caregivers enter the patient’s room. State-of-the-art hospital beds capture and download patient information directly into the patient’s chart.

Instead of traditional nurses’ stations, Y-shaped desks allow nurses to monitor patients in two rooms simultaneously while taking notes, reviewing medications, creating care plans and writing discharge plans.

A Continuing Commitment to Children

Stony Brook Children’s continues to provide the most advanced pediatric specialty care in the region. It offers a full range of comprehensive medical services for infants, children and young adults, providing leading-edge diagnosis, treatment and management of childhood conditions, illnesses and injuries.

As an academic medical center, Stony Brook Children’s offers access to groundbreaking — and often lifesaving — clinical trials. We are also a regional referral center for the smallest babies, the sickest children and the most complex traumas. This means that physicians and hospitals in the community send their patients to Stony Brook when they need the highest level of care.

As a children’s hospital, Stony Brook understands that children need highly specialized services and specially trained practitioners in a setting that reflects the unique needs of children. The doctors, nurses and other experts at Stony Brook understand what a child requires physically and emotionally — through every developmental stage.

Several celebratory events led up to this exciting day, including a Ribbon-Cutting event on October 17, and a Community Open House on November 2.