Team Members: Healthy Weight and Wellness Center

Compassionate and committed to your child’s health, our team consists of a board-certified pediatrician and a registered dietitian. Often obesity is associated with other medical conditions. Supporting specialists are available to become part of your child’s healthcare team as needed. In addition, we work with Stony Brook’s renowned bariatric team to treat older adolescents considering a bariatric surgical procedure.


Brianna Burghardn
Brianna Burghard, MS, RDN-  Registered Dietitian
Rachel Valenti
Rachel Valenti, MS, RDN-  Registered Dietitian

Fit Kids for Life
Peter Morelli, MD - Medical Director for Fits Kids for Life
Sharon Martino, PT, PhD- Physical Therapy Director for Fits Kids for Life

Bariatric and Metabolic Weight Loss Center
Konstantinos Spaniolas, MD, FACS, FASMS


To make an appointment at our Healthy Weight and Wellness Clinic, call 631-444-KIDS(5437) or (631) 444-2730.