Our Team

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When your child needs surgical consultation and/or treatment, you will want fast access to a surgeon who is qualified and experienced in operating on children. Because our team comprises five specialty-trained pediatric surgeons, all easily available for consultation, your child can quickly receive the attention he or she needs.

Our pediatric surgeons are board certified in pediatric surgery and meet all the rigorous standards of training required of pediatric surgeons by the American Board of Surgery. There are also dedicated and certified pediatric nurse practitioners on the team.

Our pediatric surgeons work closely with board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists along with other team members who are experienced in caring for children and understand not only their physical needs but also their psychosocial development. We also work closely with Stony Brook’s specialists in trauma, critical care, oncology and perinatology so that there is a continuum of care for every child we see. In addition, Stony Brook Children’s is the only hospital in Suffolk County that performs minimally invasive surgery on pediatric patients.

Our approach holds true whether the patient requires a minor procedure or a major operation. For children who need a major procedure, Stony Brook Children's, Suffolk County's only tertiary care hospital, offers expert support services, including a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), pediatric cardiology, pediatric anesthesiology and many other pediatric subspecialties, which allows children, from infancy to young adulthood, to receive uninterrupted, complex care in their own community.

Helen Hsieh, MD, PhD, FRCSC
Richard J. Scriven, MD, FACS

To consult with a team member, call the Division of Pediatric Surgery at (631) 444-2045.