Stony Brook Children's News

Jones Beach
We invite staff and NICU alumni families to join us on May 14th to walk Jones Beach. Registration will be open 8am.The walk will begin near the main stage.
Jack learned to knit during COVID and decided that he wanted to give back to the hospital where he was born...
Stony Brook Children's Milk Bank
For neonatal or low birthweight babies, human milk provides an ideal combination of nutrients, as well as important antibodies.
Dog Named Beef Photo
At 16 Charlie was diagnosed with brain cancer, and it was his dog Beef who became his great comfort and inspiration to fight against the disease.
Valerie Fund Children's Center
Stony Brook Children’s became the eighth Valerie Fund Children’s Center, a partnership that enables us to better serve patients…
Children and cannabis edibles
The issue of cannabis exposure in young children is a growing problem. With legalization it is more available...